Ag Outlook 2020

Brad Magnusson

Brad has spent the last 30 plus years working with producers and businesses to create strategic business strategies that enhance profitability.

Brad has held senior positions with multi-national financial institutions, government lending institutions, Credit Union central of Manitoba and is currently the executive Vice President of Remember Relationships at Noventis Credit Union.

Brad has spent all of his working career providing global agricultural analysis and market intelligence. He is responsible for the analysis and forecasting of macroeco-nomic and financial market developments, grain and livestock market analysis in Canada, the United States and key overseas economies.

Brad has traveled extensively working with 800 producers groups, businesses & credit unions to present seminars, workshops and courses in every corner of the Canada and the U.S.

He has been a key note speaker at the American Bankers Conference, Credit Union National Banking Conference and a past board member of the Manitoba & National Agrologist Association and board member of Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council.