• What is a budget? A budget is a tool to help you keep track of what money you have, how much you owe/spend, and how much money you will have left over to enjoy. Although the idea of a budget might seem scary at first, it is a valuable financial management tool that will help you to stretch your dollar further.

    How do I make a budget? It is important to keep your budget simple and not get too carried away with making too many categories. Be sure to set up the budget to reflect the way that you spend money. Use this handy worksheet to help you calculate your net worth and to determine some areas where you can cut costs out of your daily life.

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  • Category Monthly Actual Amount Monthly Budget Amount Difference
    (Act - Budget)
    Savings from summer jobs
    Income from part time job
    Money from bottle returns
    Other income sources
    Income Subtotal  
    Other Expenses
    Expense Subtotal  
    Subtract Expenses from Income to come up with Surplus or Loss.