Alerts are a great feature to easily help protect yourself from the fraudsters.  The automatic enrollment is an additional step towards a secure digital banking experience.

Over the next few months, all online banking accounts will have settings activated for Security Alerts. Alerts notify you by push notification, text or email when certain transactions occur. This is to ensure the safety of our members so we encourage you to keep these alerts active.

If you have personally logged in, the message is your confirmation and no action is required.

***If you have not logged in*** the message is your notice that someone else has fraudulently gained access and ACTION is required to prevent unauthorized transactions.

  • Log in and change your password immediately.
  • Contact your branch to report the details.

There are some additional alerts such as failed transactions, low balance, withdrawal limits, for example.  Most members find them helpful and are easy to set up by yourself.  When you log in; setup options are found under My Cypress.

Below are some examples of the notifications you will receive via text, email or push notification on both Apple IOS and Android. If you have questions or want more information please give your branch a phone call.

IOS Notifications

Android Notifications