Common Q & As

What if I didn’t receive my one-time password?

If you were expecting to receive your password by email, first check your spam or junk mail folder. If you don’t find it there, click resend the code on your confirmation screen to send it again. Sometimes the passcodes experience a slight delay when sent by email.

What if I receive two verification or one-time passcodes? Which do I use?

If you have a mobile phone number on file with us the verification code will automatically send the code to your mobile phone number. If you choose to have the code sent to your email address, you will receive a second code. The second code sent is the one that you should use.

What are the requirements for my Username?

Choose a unique username that you’ll remember easily, as once it’s created, it cannot be changed! Avoid using just your first name as it may be too simple and already in use by someone else.

  • Minimum 5- Maximum 35 alphanumeric characters (A to Z, 0 to 9)
  • Special characters that can be used are:

o   _ (underscore)

o   . (period)

o   @ (alias)

*Username CANNOT be your debit card number*

If you try something that isn’t accepted, it likely means someone else has already chosen that username.

What are the online banking password requirements?

Password must be minimum of 10, maximum 35 characters and include:

  • Minimum 1 lowercase
  • Minimum 1 uppercase
  • Minimum 1 number

Special characters are optional.

Can two people use the same email address or mobile phone number for access?

Yes! Two people can use the same email address or mobile phone number. Be aware that when one person is using online banking and receives a one-time passcode (OTP), both parties will receive that OTP.

I don’t have an email address or mobile phone. Can I still access online banking?

In order to access online banking, an email address or mobile phone number is required to receive the one-time passcodes (OTPs) for security purposes. Several providers offer a free email account.

Can I change my username?

The answer is NO. Once you’ve created a username, you won’t be able to change it.

I forgot my username; can I still use online banking?

Yes! On the sign in screen click ‘Forgot Username or Password’ and choose ‘Recover Username’. You will then be guided through some simple steps to recover your username. If you run into any problems, contact 1.877.353.6311 or your local branch and one of our advisors would be happy to help you.

Do I have to type my PAN/debit card number every time I login?

The good news is NO, now your will always sign in with your username.

What is the secure messaging feature?

Our secure messaging service allows you to communicate with us from within the online banking system and is only available after you have signed in. You may include account numbers and any other information that may help us better assist you with your questions. Please use the messages feature within online banking instead of sending personal information through email channels.

 Web Browser:

Navigate to ‘My Cypress’

Click ‘Messages’ or you can click the envelope icon located at the top right-hand corner on your main online banking page

Mobile App:

Navigate to messages by tapping on the envelope icon located at the top right-hand corner on your main screen.

I’ve locked myself out with too many attempts. What do I do now?

Please contact 1.877.353.6311 or your local branch and one of our advisors would be happy to help you.

My Autodeposit setup migrated over, but I got a message that my e-Transfer could not be automatically deposited. What should I do?

In some cases, the Autodeposit just needs to be “refreshed”.

Web Browser:

1.      Under ‘Transfers & Payments’ select ‘Autodeposit Settings’

2.      Click on the little pencil beside your current Autodeposit to edit

3.      Re-select the same account you had set up previously

4.      Continue twice to save your changes

5.      Input the one-time passcode to authorize the process and click ‘Continue’ to successfully refresh the Autodeposit

Mobile App:

1.      At the bottom of the screen tap ‘Move Money’

2.      At the top right-hand corner of the screen tap ‘INTERAC e-Transfer’

3.      Tap ‘Autodeposit Settings’

4.      Tap the three dots and select edit

5.      Re-select the same account you had set up previously

6.      Continue twice to save your changes

7.      Input the one-time passcode to authorize the process and click ‘Continue’ to successfully refresh the Autodeposit

Where do I find my eStatements?

Web Browser:

1.      Sign in to online banking on your desktop/tablet

2.      Click ‘Accounts’, and select ‘View eStatments’

3.      Select the year and date of the statement you want to view

Mobile App:

1.      Sign in to online banking on the mobile app

2.      On the bottom of the screen, tap ‘More’

3.      Tap ‘View eStatments’

4.      Select the year and date of the statement you want to view

Can I print out transactions from online or mobile banking?

Although we do understand the impact that printed statements have on the environment, we also recognize there may be instances when printing your banking history may be necessary.

Web Browser:

1.      Go to ‘Accounts’

2.      Click ‘View Transactions’

3.      Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Print’ button of the screen. You can also save a PDF of the transactions for future reference.

Mobile App:

1.      In the mobile app, navigate to the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Activity’

2.      Select ‘View Transactions’

3.      At the top right-hand corner tap the three dots and from there you can tap ‘Share’

4.      You now have the option to save to a PDF or share it to your printer or text or email it to someone

Did you know… you can use the filter option to narrow down the transactions you would like to print?

Mobile App: Can I access the mobile banking app with Touch ID or facial recognition?

Both fingerprint and facial recognition will be available on the new mobile platform if your mobile device supports it.

 You will prompt to set this up, if you choose, when you log in for the first time. Alternatively, you can change your log in settings under Settings> Biometric Authentication whenever you are ready to set this up.

We strongly recommend against enabling Biometric ID if anyone else has or might gain access to your device and its security password.

Mobile App: Does Touch ID prevent others from getting into my account?

Enabling Touch ID for mobile banking will grant access and full mobile banking functionality to any person whose fingerprints are saved on your device. We strongly recommend against enabling Touch ID if anyone else has or might gain access to your device and its security password.

Mobile App: Are there any shortcuts to seeing my account balances without signing in to my mobile app?

Yes, you can setup short cuts through the widget function on your mobile device by following these steps:

1.      Sign in to online banking on your mobile app

2.      Navigate to ‘More’ (bottom right-hand corner)

3.      Tap ‘General Settings’

4.      Tap ‘Widget Settings’

5.      Click on the account balances to turn the functionality on and then click ‘Add Account’

6.      Enter the account name you want to display

7.      Select the account you want to display

8.      Under ‘Balance Display’, its recommended to leave ‘Account Balance’ checked

9.      Under ‘Visibility’ its recommended to leave ‘Both’ checked

10.   Tap the + icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen

11.   Follow the same process to add up to 2 more accounts you’d like to view

You will be able to add up to three accounts you’d like to view. If you’re sharing this device, we recommend you turn off this option.

Note: You are also able to add some of your favourite transactions as shortcuts in the widget, making it easier for you to do your banking!

Small Business FAQs

What is Small Business Online Banking?

Small business online banking is new to Cypress Credit Union members. It offers a unique set of features that’s set apart from other personal online banking services. The key features that distinguish the Small Business services from the other online banking services are:

·        Profile consolidation (consolidation of personal and business profiles)

·        Dual-signature support (for 2 to-sign accounts)

·        Delegates (multiple user support)

In addition, signors can approve transactions on the go from their mobile devices

How do I consolidate my personal and business profiles?

Profile consolidation allows you, as a small business member, to add your personal profile. This will enable you to switch back and forth between your business and personal profiles.

To set up profile consolidation:

1.      Sign in to online banking (profile consolidation set up is not available on the mobile banking app)

2.      Select ‘Business Services’

3.      Click ‘Profile Consolidation’

4.      Click ‘Add Profile’

5.      Enter your personal profile username

6.      Enter your personal profile password

7.      Click ‘Continue’

8.      Review details and click ‘Continue’

9.      Personal profile is successfully added

10.   You will need to sign out and sign back in to complete the setup.

How do I switch profiles?

To switch profiles, go to the top of the screen to where your username is displayed. Hover over your username and the consolidated profiles will be displayed. Choose the profile you would like to switch to. A pop-up box will display asking if you are sure you want to switch profiles, you can either cancel or switch profiles.

How many business accounts can I consolidate?

There is no limit on the number of businesses that can be consolidated under a single sign in.

What is a delegate?

A delegate is a person such as an accountant, bookkeeper, or spouse that can be granted limited access to online banking for a business. A delegate is created by one of the account signors and can be granted specific access:

·        Initiator Access: allows the delegate to create transactions such as a bill payment, transfer or INTERAC e-Transfer for the signor(s) to approve.

·        Read Only Access: allows the delegate to view account information but does not permit them to perform any transactions

Each signor can add an unlimited number of delegates. All delegates can be seen and managed by all signors.

Will my delegate see my personal accounts?

Delegates will see the accounts under the business profile they are linked to. If other profiles have been consolidated, the delegate will not be able to access or view those profiles and/or accounts.

What should I do if my delegate forgets his/her passwords?

Delegates can reset their own passwords by using the ‘Forgot Password’ feature on the home sign in screen or the delegates signor can reset it for them.

How can I permanently remove a delegates access?

A delegates access can be locked to ensure they are unable to access the accounts. Delegates cannot be deleted from the profile once added.

How can I temporarily remove a delegates access?

A delegates access can be locked to ensure they are unable to access the accounts.

Does an initiated transaction expire if the authorized signors have not approved it by the end of the day?

The authorized signors have 7 days to act on a transaction prior to expiry. Authorized signors that activated the expiring alerts will receive a notification of a pending transaction about to expire starting on day 5 and if not actioned, again on day 6 and if not actioned, again on day 7.

Do signors have to approve a recurring transaction every time it occurs?

No, the signor must approve the recurring transaction only once, when it is first initiated.

Why is only part of my business name showing on online banking?

Online banking has a character limit when it comes to the business name, and your business name may be outside the limits. This will not impact any of the information sent with bill payments or what is stored in our banking system.

How do I connect to Quicken/QuickBooks?

You can download your transaction into the format needed for QuickBooks and Quicken by scrolling to the bottom of your account and selecting the ‘Export’ button. These documents can then be uploaded into QuickBooks or Quicken.

Note: Please be aware that automatic downloads for QuickBooks and Quicken will not be immediately available in our new online banking platform.

My bill payment vendors are not showing up in my business profile, why is this?

If you previously conducted your business banking transactions including e-Transfers, under your personal online banking log-in, then that is where they will migrate over to. What you will need to do, on and after August 16th, is sign in to your personal profile in Xpress, and grab the vendor details from there, and then manually enter them into the bill payment vendors under your business profile. If you require assistance, please call 1.877.353.6311 or your local branch and we would be happy to assist.

If you previously conducted all of your business transactions under your business MemberCard login, then of your bill payment vendors and e-Transfer recipients will transfer over and your set.